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Tax Checklist

What do I need to bring in to have my Income Taxes Prepared?

  1. W-2s from all Employers
  2. 1099s if self employed or if any contract income earned
  3. Unemployment Income
  4. Social Security Income
  5. Interest Income 1099-INT
  6. Dividend Income 1099-DIV
  7. Brokerage Statements from any Stock Sales or Purchases 1099-B
  8. K-1s from Partnerships or S Corporations
  9. Retirement Statements and Distributions 1099-R
  10. If you own a Business: Income & Expenses
  11. If you own Rental Property: Income & Expenses
  12. If you own a home: Mortgage Interest, Property Taxes
  13. Donations & Contributions: Cash & Non Cash
  14. Medical Expenses/Medical Insurance Premiums/HSA Distributions & Contributions